SportsEngine Registration: Amarillo Hockey Association

2024 Adult Summer Showcase League



All players who register will be ranked on a system based on the following

  • Self Evaluation (completed during registration)
  • Experience
  • 23-24 Fall/ Winter Season Stats
  • Attendance
  • Adult League Committee Evaluation (including pro coaches)

Players will be placed on selected teams based on the system above and it will be done with fairness and the goal of providing the league a the best parody possible.

Each player who registers will be assigned a ranking. The ranking will be shared confidentially with the individual player once the season starts.

USA Hockey Requirement

Each Player must register first with USA Hockey and then return to this Registration Session to signup for the 2022-2023 Season.

  • Step 1:  CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration and register your player(s). Be sure to PRINT and SAVE their confirmation code(s). Remember to register EACH of your players with USA Hockey. Each player must have their own unique USA Hockey confirmation number.
  • Step 2:  Return to this registration and proceed. Later in this registration session you will need to enter the USA Hockey Confirmation Code that you received in Step 1.
  • ** It may take up to 15 minutes after you receive your USAH confirmation code to be recognized and confirmed by our system***


If you have a 23-24 USA Hockey Membership Number: You may register now. Your 23-24 # is valid until August 31st, 2023



Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Austin Sutter